Zasypkin: Hezbollah withdrawal from Syria must not be broached amid current juncture

Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, on Monday said that the withdrawal of Hezbollah or Iran from Syria must not be a matter of discussion amid the current juncture, especially that terrorism has not been completely eradicated.

"The other camp is focusing on this issue to sow doubt and cause problems between the Resistance axis and Russia; and this is refused," the envoy told an interview on Annour radio station.

"The relation between Russia and the Resistance axis in Syria is a relation of cooperation," he said.

"The US presence in Syria is a major cause behind the complications in this country, as well as behind the failure to reach solutions," he added.

Turning to Lebanon, Zasypkin saw that the government would be formed soon considering the strong political will to do so.

Source: National News Agency