Zeaiter during ‘Ainata Apple Festival’: For a national unity government

Caretaker Agriculture Minister, Ghazi Zeaiter, highlighted Sunday the pressing need for a national unity government to preserve the nation's future.

"We do not want a state that eliminates a sect, a party or a political force. We want a strong state that can express the needs of the people, a state in line with the people in their political, social and sectarian diversity," said Zeaiter.

"Yes to a national dialogue that constitutes a safety net," he added, urging political leaders in the country not to bet on the outside and what is happening in the region.

"We must all be able to produce our political settlements in a way that preserves the future of this country, the foremost of which would be forming a national unity government without any obstacles or personal interests," Zeaiter underlined.

His words came during his patronage of the first "Ainata Apple Festival" which opened earlier today in Ainata Al-Arz, organized by the Ainata Municipality in collaboration with the Deir El-Ahmar Municipalities Union.

Zeaiter shed light on the apple produce sector in Lebanon and the various challenges facing farmers in channeling their harvests, especially in wake of the Syrian war that reflected negatively on Lebanese exports due to the closing of borders. However, he reassured farmers that indications point to the re-opening of these borders soon, stressing his Ministry's relentless efforts to ensure proper channels for their agricultural produce.

Source: National News Agency